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About Dr. O

Dr. Organized

     Jacqueline Ackerina is an organizing expert and the proud owner of Dr. Organized, a company resulting from love of physical work and pristine surroundings.  After years of great success in the field of education, Jacqueline decided to focus her talents on creating organized solutions for individuals, homes, and businesses.  Consequently, she has built this business serving clients in South Florida and New York City.

     From organizing a personal closet or home office to coordinating a cross country move, Dr. Organized has you covered.  When it comes to project scopes, size does not matter.  She is able to handle any task at any time.  Moreover, she has built great relationships with people who are willing to assist at a moment’s notice if needed. 

     Jacqueline’s passion and expertise allow clients to feel comfortable knowing their organizing projects will be completed expeditiously.  This allows her clients the freedom to pursue other interests and increase their productivity levels.

     Dr. Organized has a strict policy of maintaining clients’ confidentiality during and after project completion.  In addition, systems and procedures are in place to safeguard and protect clients' physical and digital information.  Let us embark on an organizing journey to bring you: Peace of Mind in Record Time!

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